The Programmers

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Bani van der Merwe
The Technical Guy and founder of Artspace44

Bani is a photographer with a diverse background. He solves problems creatively and has a vast interdisciplinary knowledge, allowing photography in conditions and under technical contstraints that would otherwise have made the photo impossible. Bani is at his happiest when he missing in an African country - with a bag of kit and enough film to last a few months. Every now and then he writes a article on the technical world on Btech

Stefan Liebenberg
The Software Guy

Stefan really likes code, coffee, climbing and running around jumping over stuff... He has spent a considerable amount some time on web development, and he has explorer the dark depths of Linux.

Right now Stefan is immersed in C++, whilst also getting his facts straight on HTML, XML an XSLT.

One day Stefan will be a kernel hacker. He has a blog where he rants and raves about JavaScript, and other software issues.